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Whip Finishers

Price: $5.50
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The spring design allows you to add that extra wrap and still release the tool easily.  This tool comes with either the rotating or non-rotating handle. 

New Large Handle Rotating Whipfinisher — This large handle design is comfortable to use and the assortment of bright colors makes it east to spot on your tying bench.

Copper - Rotating or Non-Rotating- $8.00
Stainless Steel - $5.50
Redwood - $9.95
Large Handle Rotating Whipfinisher Style 1 or 2 - $12.25

Long Reach Whipfinisher — This whipfinisher can handle the finer 8/0 thread just as well as the larger heavier thread on saltwater flies. It is the perfect tool for tying your larger saltwater flies, allowing you to reach two inches of shank with ease. The wide gap of the tool will allow you to secure thread but has the reach and enough thread in the tool to build that head up and tie off all in one step. Measures 8 3/4" in length. $12.25