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Hackle Pliers

Price: $2.55
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New Large Handle Rotating Hackleplier
This larger handle is comfortable to use and the assortment of bright colors makes it easy to spot on your tying bench.

Rotating Hackle Pliers
 - This design allows you flexibility when wrapping hackle by allowing you to keep a constant tension while rotating. The bottom of the hackle pliers is flat, allowing you to wrap hackle on a parachute pattern very close to the shank of the hook. The pliers are constructed of high quality spring steel with a rubber pad on the tip for firm gripping. The handle is constructed of brass for friction free rotation.

Regular Hackle Pliers - These hackle pliers have the same nose design as the rotating hackle pliers, with padded gripping.

Teardrop Style Hackle Pliers - Back by popular demand. The teardrop design of these sturdy pliers gives them extra gripping power. Constructed of high quality spring steel.

Regular $2.55 each
Teardrop $2.90 each
Rotating $8.95 each 
Large Handle Rotating $12.25